Tutorial Updates

Tutorial Updates

Two More seyDesign Stack Tutorials Added


Two more seyDesign stacks tutorials have been added to the curriculum. Last week brought ZipBar and Slinkee to RapidWeaver Classroom, and this week I have added ZipList and MegaMenu tutorials.

The ZipList Stack creates an expandable list of content, and is a great solution for an FAQ, glossary, or simply to provide more details on items in a bulleted (or numbered) list.

The MegaMenu Stack is a very unique stack that can be especially beneficial when used in conjunction with the FreeStack Theme. It creates a menu with drop-downs that can contain descriptive content. While it is a great option for a main menu, it can also be used as a split-navigation menu in the main content of a page, or simply as a method of anchoring links to other areas of the same page. The MegaMenu tutorial will demonstrate a number of uses for the stack.

Check back next week for tutorials on stacks from Elixir Graphics -- another long-time RapidWeaver theme developer who has jumped into Stack Elements development in the past months. Also, as mentioned last week, tutorials on the new FreeStack Responsive theme are under development, so expect to hear more news on that very soon.

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