Tutorial Updates

Tutorial Updates

Two New Joe Workman Stacks Tutorials Added


Happy Thanksgiving week to all of you who are in the U.S. This latest updates comes just in time for the holiday break. I’ve added two new stacks tutorials -- Expose and Share It -- both from Joe Workman.

The Expose Stack tutorial is found in the Lightboxes category of the Add-Ons section, and it is a highly recommended solution if you are looking for a lightbox to display content on your website. It is very flexible in that it can display most any kind of content, and its style is highly customizable. It also comes with the Expose Image Pro stack, which is designed specifically for displaying photos. This detailed tutorial runs about 15 minutes in length in order to cover every setting for these stacks.

The Share It Stack tutorial is found in the Blogging & Social category of the Add-Ons section. The stack provides sharing buttons for a variety of social networks, and it is also highly customizable. If you would like your website’s visitors to share your website with their social networks, then the Share It Stack may be worth considering.

I’d also like to make a brief mention of the launch of the new website for my business, Websmith. This website advertises my web design, RapidWeaver consulting and membership site development services. It uses a responsive design to optimize the layout for all devices, and of course it is built with RapidWeaver. If you are interested in learning more about responsive design, there is a category of tutorials dedicated to that topic here at RapidWeaver Classroom.

Check back soon for details on more new content!

Thanks for your support!

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