Tutorial Updates

Tutorial Updates

WeaverPix and Joe Workman Tutorials Added


I hope everyone here in the U.S. had a great 4th of July holiday and weekend! Today I have posted two weeks worth of updates -- two more tutorials on the WeaverPix plugin, and two new Joe Workman Stacks tutorials. I had the WeaverPix tutorials recorded to post a week ago, but some sickness in my family delayed the editing and posting of those videos, so my apologies for missing the updates that week. Below is a brief summary of these latest updates.

The first new WeaverPix tutorial walk through the use of 3rd-party photo services -- Flickr, Dribble, Picasa and 500px. You can host, update and delete photos from any one of these services and have WeaverPix display them on your website. Between adding photos directly to WeaverPix, warehousing them on your server, or hosting them with one of these 3rd-party services, WeaverPix offers so much flexibility in how you manage your photo galleries.

The second new WeaverPix tutorial demonstrates how you can use a WeaverPix page to provide navigation to other pages of your website. For example, if you have a number of galleries on your website, then you can use WeaverPix to create navigation to those galleries, using thumbnail of photos as links. It’s easy to set up and this new tutorial will walk you through the process.

Finally, I have added two new Joe Workman Stacks tutorials -- Houdini and Infobar. Houdini is a great utility stack that lets you move stacks content into other content areas of your website, such as the sidebar or footer. Infobar makes it easy to add a notification feature to your website, so if you need to alert your visitors of some important information then this stack might be a great solution for you.

That wraps up the updates for this week. I will be away for family vacation this coming week, but still plan to get some more updates posted no later than Monday, July 15th, so check back in about a week for information on these new topics.

Thanks for your support!

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