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Tutorial FAQs

No, the video tutorials are not available for download. You may access them anytime, as often as you wish during your subscription term.

New tutorials are typically added monthly, but there is no specified date(s) when they are made available. The best way to stay informed of tutorial updates is to subscribe to our newsletter or to regularly visit the Updates page.

Your subscription term will be 3 months or 1 year, depending on the option chosen during registration. Your subscription will renew at the end of the current term unless cancelled. You may cancel at anytime through your account without any hoops to jump through.

1) Log-in to RapidWeaver Classroom
2) Click on the cog wheel icon in the top-right corner
3) Select My Account from the menu
4) Click the Manage Subscription button
5) Sign-in and cancel

In order to receive a refund after renewal, you need to cancel within 3 days of the renewal AND contact me directly to request a refund. Canceling your subscription will NOT automatically generate a refund. This is not meant to make it difficult for you, it's just a matter of the system not knowing if you are canceling to receive a refund and expire your account, or to continue for the remainder of the current term following the renewal.

You have up to 3 days following your subscription renewal to cancel, but after that 3-day period your subscription is renewed for the remainder of the new term. For example, if your subscription renews on June 1st and you cancel on June 3rd, you will receive a refund for the new term and your subscription will be cancelled and access to the tutorials removed. However, if you do not cancel until June 5th then a refund will not be available and your new subscription term will remain active.

Starter Kit FAQs

Starter kits require RapidWeaver 8 or Classic, Stacks 5, and Foundry 3. Alloy from Elixir is optional for blog integration in some of the starter kits.

There is no limit. Go crazy!

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