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Thank you for your support! If you're new to RapidWeaver, start with the RapidWeaver Crash Course and then proceed to the Stacks 4 tutorial series. If you're an experienced user then jump right into any section using the library navigation, or check out the latest tutorial releases below.


Best in Class

Tutorials from a curated list of our favorite addons from every imaginable category. This section currently includes the categories of Call-to-action, Forms and Security. More Best in Class tutorials are being developed.

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SEO Strategies

A great website isn't enough if it doesn't rank well in search. This all-new Search Engine Optimization series demystifies the process of optimizing your website, using proven strategies that deliver results.


Stacks 4 Plugin

This must-watch series of tutorials covers every detail of the Stacks 4 plugin from YourHead.


Foundry v2 Theme & Stacks

Elixir's Foundry theme & stacks for RapidWeaver is an incredibly flexible "design-from-scratch" framework.

What I'm Using

I'm frequently asked about the tools I use the most. These are on my "must-have" list for virtually every RapidWeaver user.

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