Foundry v3

by Elixir


5 minutes, 1 second

Hide or show different elements of your page design based on Foundry's responsive breakpoints. You can choose one, or multiple breakpoints to trigger this tool.


3 minutes, 46 seconds

Keeping your Edit Mode workspace organized is important when you're working with so many modular components for your page designs. The Group tool helps you do just that, and more.


3 minutes, 9 seconds

The Note tool allows you to leave comments and notations to your future self right in Edit mode. When you return to a project days, months or even years later you can pick up where we left off without skipping a beat.

Palette Laboratory

8 minutes, 33 seconds

The Palette Laboratory brings you a new way to create custom color palettes for your site, as well as a way to get inspiration and pre-made palettes to ease the design process.

Blacksmith Basics

17 minutes, 29 seconds

This tool allows you to craft custom styles for your Foundry-based site using point-and-click stylesheets. Build custom CSS that will help you take your site to the next level of customization. No coding needed.

Blacksmith Selectors

21 minutes, 27 seconds

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