Foundry v2

by Elixir Graphics


9 minutes, 32 seconds

Add "bookmarked" sections to your pages that can be accessed via links. Can also be used with the Mega Menu stack.


3 minutes, 56 seconds

Create angled, decorative backgrounds for your content using Foundry’s color swatches, solid colors or custom gradients.


8 minutes, 14 seconds

Build stylish backgrounds using gradients and images for sections of your page. Comes with an assortment of pre-built gradients.


4 minutes, 40 seconds

Add the ability for visitors to leave comments on a page through the use of the third-party Disqus commenting service.

Form Pro

18 minutes, 25 seconds

Create customized contact forms for your site. Add various field types and easily arrange them as you like within your form.


5 minutes, 27 seconds

Create blocks of content that are evenly and responsively distributed in a grid based off of the three Foundry breakpoints.

Hover Image

4 minutes, 27 seconds

Construct gorgeous hover effects for your images with this stack’s enormous selection of hover effects and overlays.

Mega Menu - Part 1

21 minutes, 42 seconds

Manually create more complex, highly customizable, horizontal navigation systems for your pages. Works well with Stacks’ Partials!

Mega Menu - Part 2

8 minutes, 17 seconds

Manually create more complex, highly customizable, horizontal navigation systems for your pages. Works well with Stacks’ Partials!

Mini Nav

8 minutes, 8 seconds

Build a one-level, miniature pop-up navigation for your pages, manually creating the navigation structure.


10 minutes, 49 seconds

Beautiful, animated slideshow backgrounds are easy to build using the Motion stack. Includes Ken Burns effects and overlays.


6 minutes, 53 seconds

Employ the Overlap stack to layer sections of content on top of one another to create unique layouts on your pages.


2 minutes, 13 seconds

Create buttons with mini, popup modals to convey information to your visitors using the stylish Popover stack.


11 minutes, 15 seconds

Fullscreen scrolling pages are made easy with the Sections stack. Build stunning one-page sites with ease.


5 minutes, 55 seconds

Allow your site’s visitors to instantaneously sift through your content that is contained within the Seek stack.


7 minutes, 59 seconds

Create elegant, animated hero style sliders focused on delivering content to your visitors in a unique way.

Side Nav

8 minutes, 9 seconds

Build a manually curated, hidden side navigation system for your pages that relies on beautiful iconography.

Type It

4 minutes, 24 seconds

Add animated, typed out phrases to your site. A great way to create interest within your banners, for instance.

Vertical Nav

6 minutes, 36 seconds

Create manually curated, collapsable, easily navigable, vertical navigation systems for your pages.


2 minutes, 10 seconds

An elegant lightbox that puts your imagery center stage. Dismisses itself automatically as visitors scroll away.

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