Foundry v2

by Elixir Graphics

Installing Foundry

1 minute, 35 seconds

In this quick video we look at how to quickly install your newfound Foundry stacks and theme into RapidWeaver. It’s simple and painless, with RapidWeaver doing all the heavy lifting.

First Steps

1 minute, 5 seconds

There’s not a lot you need to really do to start using Foundry, but in this short video we look at the very basic setup of your project file and the essentials you’ll need to get started.

Updating Foundry

3 minutes, 46 seconds

In this video we take a look at how to install updates for Foundry’s stacks and theme, as well as time-saving tips when doing so.

Dark Mode Basics

11 minutes, 05 seconds

In this video we take a look at the basics of how Dark Mode is integrated into the Control Center stack as well as how it can also be found throughout Foundry's many other stacks.

Building with Foundry

17 minutes, 42 seconds

In this video we build a one-page portfolio site using the Gallery, Slider and Form stacks included in Foundry, along with some of the mainstays like the Header, Footer and Paragraph stacks.

What I'm Using

I'm frequently asked about the tools I use the most. These are on my "must-have" list for virtually every RapidWeaver user.

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