Foundry v3

by Elixir

Paragraph (Using Markdown Links)

5 minutes, 9 seconds

Paragraph provides you a conduit for getting your text content into your pages and may just be the most used tool in Foundry.


8 minutes, 5 seconds

The versatile new addition is great for building hidden sidebars into your project for navigation, shopping carts, and more.


11 minutes, 10 seconds

Whimsy uses pure CSS animations to help you add fun, delightful animations to your images when hovered over by your site's visitors.

List Group

11 minutes, 34 seconds

Build versatile and stylish, grouped listings with drag-and-drop ease. Include static, linked or collapsable items for lists, navigation and more.


7 minutes

Create versatile popover dialog windows into which you can insert your own modular content. We've made it easy to trigger the modal popup in a variety of different ways from a several different Foundry tools.


10 minutes, 20 seconds

A versatile, magical lightbox that puts your imagery or video embeds front a center. This lightbox tool is both versatile and stylish.

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What I'm Using

I'm frequently asked about the tools I use the most. These are on my "must-have" list for virtually every RapidWeaver user.

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