Complete 8-lesson Series
Lesson 3: Themes

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Choosing a Theme

11 minutes, 24 seconds

Theme selection is a critical part of the website development process. This tutorial discusses the areas of importance that you will want to consider as you look for the best theme for your website.

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Working with Theme Styles

11 minutes, 01 seconds

Once you've selected a theme for your website, you will want to customize it using the theme's style options. There are several ways to go about this, and this tutorial discusses the best and most efficient process.

RapidWeaver 8 Themes & Style Options

6 minutes, 2 seconds

This tutorial details the built-in themes that were released with RapidWeaver 8,

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3rd-Party Themes

11 minutes, 18 seconds

3rd-party themes significantly extend RapidWeaver's ability to create beautiful, functional websites. This tutorial discusses the variety of options and features to look for as you make a selection for your website.

What I'm Using

I'm frequently asked about the tools I use the most. These are on my "must-have" list for virtually every RapidWeaver user.

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