Foundry v2

by Elixir Graphics

Animated Divider

3 minutes, 53 seconds

Add fun divider lines to your pages that animate into place, expanding to fill in their designated space.

Block Label

3 minutes, 16 seconds

Build stylish, big block labels for your banners and other sections of content on your pages.


7 minutes, 3 seconds

Create stunning, cinematic video backgrounds for your content, or use them as a beautiful banner.


10 minutes, 26 seconds

Develop gorgeous sections of content with their own individual toppers, labels, icons and more.

Duo Tone

2 minutes, 45 seconds

Give your images a duotone style using your own custom colors to help set them apart.


6 minutes, 56 seconds

Create two-sided stacks, with content on both sides, which can be flipped over by visitors.


5 minutes, 13 seconds

Add two blocks of content to your page, allowing one of them to wrap around the other.

Header Plus

9 minutes, 41 seconds

Advanced styling and layout options for headers. Great for banners, featured content.

Image Compare

4 minutes, 43 seconds

Let your visitors do a before and after comparison to a set of images you provide.

Jelly Button

6 minutes, 1 second

Stylistic buttons with a lot of depth and personality that you can easily customize to match your pages.

Mega Modal

5 minutes, 39 seconds

Build a lightweight, full-screen modal window that houses your content in a customizable overlay.

Pip Navigation

9 minutes, 58 seconds

Add a unique, manually curated, navigation to your pages. Can also be used as an anchor navigation.

Reveal Pro

11 minutes, 27 seconds

Take your animations to the next level. Create advanced, custom animations through a series of controls instead of pre-built animation styles.

Scroll Location

3 minutes, 15 seconds

Show your visitor just how far they’ve scrolled down your pages, giving them a sense of how far they’ve come and how far they have left to go using a progress bar.


12 minutes, 36 seconds

Use this customizable sorting stack to build filterable, searchable blocks of content for your page, featuring beautiful animations and masonry style layouts.


3 minutes, 44 seconds

Have your pages animate into place and away again when a visitor enters or leaves a page.

Vertical Tabs

6 minutes, 22 seconds

Generate vertically oriented tabbed sections to organize and tidy up your content.

Video Zoom

4 minutes, 13 seconds

Add gorgeous, lightboxed video embeds to your page using YouTube or Vimeo videos.

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